Sales Representative

Friends and Allies Brewing Company is happy to announce that we are hiring a full-time sales representative!

At Friends and Allies we deliver our own beer, which means you will have a team of dedicated delivery drivers to fulfill the commitments you make to customers and help maintain the relationships that you build. Friends and Allies is a respected brand but there are many untapped accounts in the Austin area who will make a purchase based on a personal sales experience and the quality of our beer.

Necessary Experience/Skills:

· Direct Sales Experience

· Responsive and excellent communication skills

· Timeliness

· The ability to maintain records of sales transactions as well as account interactions

· The ability to lift 175 lbs

· The ability to spend significant amounts of time driving

· A clean driving record

Ideal candidates have:

· Experience in the alcohol industry, preferably at the distributor (sales) level

· Strong Social Media presence and acumen

· The ability to critically analyze beer of varying styles

· Marketing or Sales degree

· Experience with draft dispensing equipment

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

· Connecting with staff and decision makers at accounts

· Driving sales at existing and new accounts

· Representing the brand at a variety of events

· Promotional Responsibilities as required

Besides the internal growth opportunity, this job comes with some huge perks. You will represent an existing and respected brand, you will meet and network with business owners and managers across this city, and you will have an expense account, sweet swag, and what everyone thinks is the coolest job of all time. For that, we expect you to live and breathe Friends and Allies Brewing Company. We are going to be your family and you will be ours as we continue to build Friends and Allies in Austin.